Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 years old

Wow - our baby girl is 2 years old! I know I say this every month but where does the time go? You are growing and learning so fast! It's so much fun to see you become YOU! Just really coming into your personality, starting to really express yourself and truly becoming aware of others around you. You bring us such joy and keep us on our toes! Your special smile is contagious!

We caught these pictures of you on your big day while celebrating Thanksgiving at Aunt Shannon's house.

We love you SO much sweet girl!
So what have you been up to this month?

- LOTS of learning!! You learn new words every day and you are now putting them into 3 words sentences "Come on dad", "You sit here", "I want you", "Are you ok?" The best thing that happened with your language is you started saying "love you" on your own and not because we said it first - melt our hearts.

- You are also learning your colors & shapes and consistently get: blue, white, brown, pink, yellow; circles and square

- You love to go to bible class on Sundays! When we pull up to the church building, you often claps your hands and say yeah! You also love to go to school on Tuesday and Thursdays! You especially love your teacher Ms. "La-La" (Laura) - you are very protective of her =)

- You got your first bike for your birthday and you love it when we take it out. You are getting better and better at pushing your pedals by yourself.

- You don't like to sit in your high chair except during breakfast! Such a particular little girl - I know that will really come in handy someday when you are making decisions

- You have grown a lot this month! We went to Dr. Gulde's office and you screamed and clung to me like you never have before (Dr. Gulde had Claire help a lot to have you calm down) are in the 40th percentile for your weight (25.15 lbs.) and about 45th % for your heigth (33.5 inches) You and Claire got your flu shots so we went for an ice cream treat!

- You have started a love for drawing - not necessarily coloring all the time (you like that too) but you really want a pen in hand. You will cover up a paper with circles which keeps you very busy and quiet =) You are also following in sisters footsteps and loving any craft we do.

- The other day your bible class teacher, Tracy, told us that you sing so much in class that sometimes they have to tell you that's they are done with the singing part! You also like to sing along with the class next door (mommy sings those songs for you every night since I helped that class in the summer time!) Our little song bird!

We love you Eden Noel and can't wait to see what God has planned for you this next year! Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my how you are changing and becoming your own little person Miss Eden Noel! I love it when you extend your little arms up to us and want to be picked up and held AND cuddled...we will cherish those memories. You love your baking times w/ grandma as does Claire but I am amazed at how well you follow instructions...we will continue doing this as it is one of grandma's favorite times with you and your big sister. We made molasses cutout cookies and you loved your "ball" and made a little snake on the counter with it and loved playing to form more things with the dough...believe it or not, grandma remembers doing the same thing while helping my mom bake cookies or bread:) We love your little curly head and kissing the dimple on your cheeks! May God continue to grow you into His girl. Love, grandma