Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is Mikey's birthday - she would've been 31 which is so hard to believe. We still miss her so much but remember how she affected so many in her 19 years here. I linked an old post to her name above in case you're wondering who she is - she was an incredible friend to both Neil and I in our much younger years.

I wanted to share a little story. Mikey LOVED puzzles. Many times when I would go over to her house a puzzle would be on the table and she and her mom would be working steady on it. About a week ago, Claire and I were working on a puzzle together and I told her "You know who loved puzzles? Mikey!" (audible gasp from Claire) "I love puzzles too!" And then moments later she said "Mom, I'm going to take a puzzle with me to heaven since Mikey loves them too." Melt a mommy's heart.

We speak of her often so Claire knows who she is and sees lot of pictures in albums. She likes to tell people "That's how I got my name!" (Mikey's middle name was Claire) When I told her that today was Mikey's birthday she got sad and said "But I can't give her a birthday card" and my dad quickly said "No but you can say a prayer thanking God for her." That's just what we did.

Happy 31st Birthday Mikey - we love and miss you

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Aubrey said...

What a sweet story. I never knew that is where you got Claire's name. And kudos to your dad for the quick save and awesome way to keep God as the focus.