Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today we were running around getting everything ready for Tday which happens to also be Eden's 2nd birthday - where did the time go? This exact time two years ago I was in labor at the hospital and praying that she would continue to wait (I was 35 weeks and taken off my bed rest medication that day!). In the midst of running around we did get to do some fun turkey creating. Here are my two turkeys (not the best shot but hey, gotta love the sick, sleepy, bed head look)...
Making these turkeys! Found this cute idea on the Our Best Bites site and just had to try it out. Accidentally got gel yellow so they look a bit different and are missing their cute turkey feet. We'll try again next year!
Oh so fun but oh so dangerous with all that candy!
Hope you all have a fabulous day with friends and family. I know holidays can be really hard for some so I pray that if Thanksgiving is a tough day that you are surrounded by God's love, peace and grace.


Alison said...

Such cute little turkeys!! Hope that ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!

mlynne said...

Godness, what a cute idea!

mlynne said...

I mean gOOdness-

dan and rachel said...

i love this idea! wish i would have seen this last week! my inlaws were here so i wasn't spending much time online! will have to file this away for next year. :)