Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The week before Thanksgiving the girls and I took a trip to Wisconsin! My grandmother hasn't been doing well so we wanted to get up there to see her as well as introduce Eden to her extended family =) She hasn't met any of my family except grandma and Aunt Linda so it was a big trip for all of us. Eden flew free until she turned two so we just slipped by. Thanks to my dad who traveled with me to help - I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. It was a very special trip for us all and I'm so glad we made it.

This was Eden's first time on a plane and boy did she love it! She was pretty good for the most part but I'm sure some people weren't too excited about sitting next to us. Claire was BEYOND excited and was such a big girl.
Having fun with grandpa!
Neil packed a goodie bag for the girls and Claire couldn't wait to take it out to discover what was inside. Her favorite? Coloring Princesses! The Silly Puddy was the best surprise that kept them busy and quiet.
Our first layover was in Minneapolis so we got to see SNOW!
We traveled to Sheboygan to my Grandma's house and the next day we visited with a cousin of mine and his family. I haven't seen my cousin Lance since I was 19 so it was great to catch up, meet his wife Deb and spend time with their kiddos. We spent most of our time with sweet little Eve. She is about to be 3 years old and the girls had a great time playing with her. Since birth she has had osteogenesis imperfecta which is a very rare bone disease also called brittle bone disease. She constantly has broken bones so we had to be very careful while we played. I am going to post more about her later and how we can help her family! Her mom makes the sweetest hair bows and I would love to get all my friends to buy from her to help with all the medical costs they endure.

Here are Claire and Eve coloring - Claire was SO sweet with her and was so concerned with being careful.
It was SO cold that day so we bundled up to go outside to visit their bunnies.
Getting all bundled up with my girls - we are definitely from Texas!

Swinging on the tire swing - love this one =)
Claire, Eden and Emily
Here is my Aunt Evelyn, Lance's mom. So glad she also came over to visit and meet Eden for the first time.
Next day it was off to visit the rest of my dad's sisters but not before we shared a little breakfast with Grandma Ann. I have a lot of memories at this bar area!
Grandma and her great grand daughters

Always have to take a picture out on the back deck! A blustery, cold day!
Then it was off to Sandy's to visit with Dad's sisters and Uncle George - Here is the crew - George, Carol, Faye and Fern - Marge is taking the pictures! Dad has 7 sisters
Claire snuggled up with George right away - this girl knows how to cuddle!
Marge and Eden
Carol and George - love birds!
The next day it was off to see my mom's side of the family in Milwaukee.
Looking sharp in their pig tails and matching outfits - thanks Mom!
I LOVE this picture!! Eden looked through Grandma Ann's jewelry box to find the perfect earrings for her outfit that day.
We met at Barbara's to visit and eat Chinese food - Here are my awesome aunts from top to bottom - Judy, Linda, Barbara - I couldn't ask for more special aunts!
It was Kaitlin's 13th birthday - guess who was SO excited to see her 2nd cousin? Claire talks about Kaitlin all the time =)

Big sister pushing Eden downtown Milwaukee
We went to the Children's Museum and had a great time playing and discovering new things! Here is my dancing/spinning queen!

Mr. Potato Head
Driving the bus
Claire at the craft table with Barbara, Kaitlin and Linda One of their favorite things was the pretend grocery store. Eden couldn't get enough bread in her shopping cart!
After our time at the museum it was out in the FREEZING cold to look at the town square lit up! We were only out there for about 5 minutes!
Barbara, Kaitlin and Linda

Our last full day was spent hanging out at Grandma's after church. Eden found this stool had a removable lid and was in heaven playing peek a boo all day!
Where's Eden? There she is!
Linda and Eden playing with her puzzle
Grandpa and his Claire Bear
We went to the library to drop off Grandma's books and pick up some new ones. This library was AMAZING!
Barbara and Eden
Ready for bed!! Grandpa with his girls in their new monkey pj's from Barbara. For some reason this picture gives me a glimpse of what Claire is going to look like when she is older. She's already growing up too fast =(
Silly faces!
Saying good-bye to Grandma Ann - Claire just loves her Grandma Ann! This day was special for me. While Claire and Eden danced to The Nutcracker on DVD, my grandma shared with me her memories of her meeting, dating and marrying my grandpa while I wrote it all down. Her memory isn't as sharp as it used to be and that just isn't like her. It's hard to see her like that but she told me SO much detail about the years of dating and marrying her love. I never met my grandpa so I really love hearing stories about him.
Me and Grandma - Claire took this one!
On our way to the airport we drove by a few places - the old school house my dad went to kinder - 8th grade. He had 6 kids in his class including himself. It was a tiny little place in Gibbsville.
Right next to the school house was the Gibbsville Cheese Factory - a MUST stop when we visit Wisconsin. I remember this place from when I was little and loved getting the fresh cheese curds. So awesome to take my girls here!
Also stopped by the house he grew up in - this is a picture of the barn on the property. I remember picking fresh berries from the bushes in front of the barn when I was a little kid.
It was a wonderful and memorable trip for us! We missed Neil terribly and were SO glad to be home after a flight delay and race to the gate to catch our connecting flight. I've never run so fast! It took us at least a week to recover since it was jumping in to Thanksgiving and Eden's party when we got back. Nothing like creating such wonderful memories!

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Isn't it a true blessing to appreciate the family ties and relationships that are there for the "growing". You have blessed my family with sharing in your life and keeping grandma close to your heart. It means sooo much to me. Thank you for giving them the joy of knowing you and your sweet little ones! It was truly a whirlwind trip of renewing love and relationships! Thank you for giving them this opportunity! Love, Mom