Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eden's 22 & 23 months old

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I figure I finally need to post this before Eden's 2nd birthday! I've been accumulating this post for a long time now but never got around to finishing it =)
Here are some pics of Eden by herself from 22 and 23 months!

At 23 months she started giving me a cheese face - I LOVE it! Crinkled nose and closed eyes - SO sweet!
My baby girl sporting her LSU gear and that sweet smile of hers. The past two months she has been SLOWLY working on getting her canine teeth. She really only got 1 during that 2 month time - poor thing is just waiting them out and waking up a lot more because of them.
My sweet girl LOVES to pray - she often reminds us as we are trying to get everyone their plate (and she already has hers!) and she's started singing the prayer that they do at school "Father Thank you once again for our many blessings Amen." Her folded hands in this picture was such a gem to catch

The biggest thing the past couple months is how she wants to do EVERYTHING sister can do no matter how hard it might be. One of her favorite things is putting change in the piggy bank we are collecting to help bring brother home.
And BUILDING! She loves to build with her blocks and she can build them 12 blocks high - she's really good at it and so patient. Of course she loves to knock ours down the moment she can! Her other favorite are these grip blocks that we affectionately call "The Dudes" because they have characters that go with the set. She did this one all by herself and is so proud of herself!

22-23 months was a HUGE transition with a burst of language and with that comes a burst of the terrible two's. Poor thing knows exactly what she is saying but has a hard time always using her words.

We remember this age with Claire being CRITICAL in staying consistent with our discipline and our Eden has become very friendly with the time out corner. Some days it seems endless and it's not working at all but I just have to remember that we are to teach and train her how to be kind, gentle and hae self control.

Eden's still a picky eater but will always eat bread, pasta, eggs, anything sweet, avocado and her milk. Her favorite snacks are fruit snacks, goldfish, raisins and yogurt!

Eden has really shown her empathetic heart during these two months - she is so concerned with anyone who appears upset and will go to comfort Claire anytime she is crying/fussing. She will sit next to us and rub our hand or leg.

This girl is FUNNY! She knows exactly what she is doing and that is trying to make us laugh. Her giggle is music to my ears!

Eden loves to sing more than anything. Oh and dance!! She does this hilarious circle dance that has her pumping her right arm. I hope to get this on video but you know how that goes. They always stop when you get it out!

Eden continues to love her MDO and BSF class. The teachers LOVE her and tell me how wonderfully behaved and polite she is (now THIS is music to my ears!). Saying her thank you and please unprompted. She participates in everything willingly and seems to be soaking everything up!

Eden Girl - we LOVE you more than we could ever tell you - You AMAZE us and we learn more and more about you everyday! Your spunk and independence with your sweetness and sensitivity are just glimpses of who God has created you to be!


Anonymous said...

Oh I miss seeing that girl grow - and the rest of you too! She is such a cutie patootie. Sounds like she has that empathetic gene just like her sister...it sure does affect Claire when others are upset. Let's talk soon!

Anonymous said...

My sweet little Eden...strong willed and gentle heart. You are so precious to grandma and grandpa...we love to have you spend the night and love to see how you enjoy your bubble baths and even helping mommy and gram in the kitchen w/ making lasagna...it is amazing how fast you are growing and learning. Mom and dad you are blessed! Love, Grandma