Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One more week!!

We have one more week of Tshirt selling with the amazing ministry
Ordinary Hero. They are helping adoptive families celebrate National Adoption Month - November. They have some really cute shirts for sale (men, women, infant, toddler, kiddo sizes) and for every shirt sold designated for our family, we will get $10!! Isn't that wonderful?! The top three families who sell the most will also get a matching grant - now THAT is truly amazing! Buy one for yourself and buy one for a Christmas gift but do it this month!

Below are the shirts, hoodies, etc. To buy one you will click on this link: Ordinary Hero and all your options are on the right side. When you select your shirt and go to paypal, you will see a link by "Add Special Instructions for the Seller" which is right below your shipping address. Click on that and say something like "These sales are to benefit Neil and Kathryn Lewis of San Antonio Texas"

Rust Ordinary Hero Shirt - Women - S-XL- $20

(this is my favorite!) Infant (3 mo.) - 4T sizes - $15
Unisex - Africa OH Change the World - XS-2XL - $20
Super cute! New Women's Hoodie - S-XL - $25

Men's Grey OH shirt - S-2XL - $20
Red Long Sleeved Shirt - Kids ages 6-14 - $20 Aren't they cute?! Please feel free to post this on your blog, pass along to your friends, link it to facebook or twitter, etc.

Happy Shopping!

Also, if you aren't interested in a Tshirt above you can look at the wreaths, paracord bracelets, Just Love Coffee and Christmas Cards available to help us out. People really love the coffee and it would especially be a great gift for anyone in your life including yourself!

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