Wednesday, September 1, 2010

21 months

21 months - 3 months to turning 2 - just can't believe it! The highlight of the month for Eden was probably her trip to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. I already posted on that but here are two other pics from that day along with a few more to talk about what Eden was up to this past month:

Eden LOVES fish - her favorite thing at the dr. office is fish so here she is in fish heaven! She is also a lover of bugs and "bug" is one of her favorite words. She is especially squealy when she spies a rolly polly or ant.
Just for fun, here is Eden in the same spot last year about 10 months ago on her last trip to the zoo when we went with the Zorn's!
Eden is a lover of anything sweet and knows the word "cake" from rooms away! Here she is loving some ice cream - one of her other favorite words is "cold" and she has become quite obsessive about "ice" - touching, sucking and having it in her sippy cup so she can hear it when she shakes her milk around.

This goofy girl is a riot - always trying to get a laugh but always trying to get her way and exert her independence. Love her to pieces - strong will and all! We're learning a lot about how to express our frustration and anger, spending a lot of time in time-out and asking God to give mommy a lot of patience these days! This age is really tough when it comes to discipline but I just pray that we are consistent.
Eden LOVES babies! She didn't show a huge interest in babies any younger like her sister but now she just loves them. Here she is visiting with Ainsley at the pool today for playgroup. She is also partial to her baby dolls and can pretend with them forever! Her favorite game is to pretend they have a stinky diaper - she smells their bottom, makes a yucky face and then picks their legs up to wipe them with anything she can find. SOOO cute!
This girl is a puzzle maniac! She LOVES puzzles and it really good at them. I've been trying to do more puzzles with both girls so that they get better at them.
Rollo seems to like puzzle time too and is STILL Eden's favorite animal around! So cute to hear her call for "Lolo?" when she's looking for her. She feeds her every morning and is so proud to be helping out.
Oh sisters - couldn't get much cuter than this!
Although there is a lot of love in this department, this month is the first of really getting on each other and annoying one another. Eden is such a toot and intentionally pushes Claire's buttons. She will get just so close and ease her way to mess something up or pull on her hair just a tad bit... she thinks she is so sly... hence the time outs I talked about earlier!

But oh look at that adoring look from big sister! These two are such a pair!
Some other things to remember:
- Eden started putting two words together this month - her two most often used are "Got it" and "That one". "Thank you" is still one of my favorite things to hear her say and she does it on her own accord. She's also good at saying "sorry" but this one is also on her own accord - again, hence the time outs!
- Eden's appetite is up and down this month. Getting pickier and still wanting to sit at the table like a big girl. I still have her in the high chair as much as possible.
That's all I can remember right now! The girls are a sleep and I can't believe I got to do this post during the day =) Off to get some adoption paperwork done!

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