Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zoo with the Zorn's

We got to visit the zoo with the Zorn's last Friday and we had a wonderful time! Claire and Leyna have such a fun time together. It's so fun to see them interact and see how similar they are. Lily Kate and Eden had fun too this being their first trips to the zoo! They are 3 months apart. (Eden went when she was 9 wks old but it didn't really count. She slept the whole time) Eden got a little fussy because of her teeth and I had a hard time getting a smile but she still did well until the last 30 minutes or so. Lezlee and I have become really close the past 2 years and it had been awhile since we had caught up so yes! Even the mommies had fun! The weather was beautiful and we look forward to going more to enjoy the fall, cooler days.

Big hugs!
What beauties!
All four of the girls
My monkey!

Mommy and Baby turtle

Look at those eyes discovering everything!
Sisters! This was one of the few times I got Claire in the stroller
Claire's favorite part - goat brushing!
Eden and Lily Kate checking each other out
"What is that Mom?!"

My pointer and me!

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