Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unexpected Visitor

Look who showed up in our back yard yesterday?!

Isn't she the cutest?!

Rollo growled like never before so we looked out back and there she was. Both girl's were in love instantly (I was smitten as well!) but I told Claire "We aren't keeping her but we can help her find her family." So we got her some water, pet her sweet little head and watched her from the window.

I had to take a quick shower before work so off I went and just as I was getting out, I hear Claire wailing - "She's gone! She's gone!" She had slipped through the slotted fence into our neighbor's backyard. When I finally made it to the living room, Claire was laying face down by the back sliding door saying "I love you - I love You" over and over again. Wow - I haven't heard her that sincerely upset about something in a really long time. I just held her as she sobbed and even Eden came to comfort her with hugs and a concerned look.

Claire eventually calmed down and I explained that she probably went home so that her owners wouldn't worry about her. She was still so sad and enjoyed the couple of glimpses we got through the slotted fence of her sweet nose as she continued to visit the neighbor's dogs.
Called the neighbor to give her the heads up when she got home and ends up, the puppy is her daughter's! She was keeping her for the day so she wasn't lost after all. We really enjoyed our unexpected visitor and hope to see her visit again soon (with a collar and tag)!

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