Sunday, September 5, 2010


Back when Claire was just about 6 months old a handful of moms from church started a playgroup - I believe it was consistently us, the Zorns, Greens, Gibbins and Miles... It has grown so much over the past few years and what an INCREDIBLE blessing it has been to our family! We have met once a week and the kids have truly built some strong friendships through our group along with the time most of them spend together at church. We are just about to start BSF this year so last week was probably the last playgroup we will be going to this year (unless I don't get my call the next couple days!) Oh, we'll be there for the holidays =)

I wanted to share our last summer hoopla at the Harrison's neighborhood pool. It was a great time and the kids had a blast! Thank you to everyone who has made this group part of our support system! I tried to get everyone who was there - sorry if I missed anyone:

Ethan, Claire, Colby, Zach & Ayden
My water baby lovin her some giraffe
Lauren and Katie
Once again, my water baby lovin some orca
Jenny and Heather with Ainsley and Haven - Heather was visiting for the first time! So great to have them with us!
Kristin and Christina
Jayden - look at those blues
Me and Wee
The Gibbin boys couldn't get enough of the whale slide - even little Lachlan! Here is Jonas:
Sweet Ellie
My Claire Bear
Eden and Isaiah - they have quite the crush on each other but only on Eden's terms!! Isaiah is always hugging on Eden and she's sometimes lovin it and other times running away! These two are SO cute together!
Katie and Karen
Claire and Rebekka match in their Tinkerbell and friends swimsuits
We missed those who couldn't be there with us!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

So many kids! I remember the days we were all the "young married without children"!