Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bert and Ernie & the Zoo

Claire has a thing for Bert and Ernie - her favorite Sesame Street Characters from the start (Elmo was a close second as well as Slimey). As soon as PBS told her they were coming to town for an appearance at the Children's Museum, she asked everyday if she could go. It ended up being the same day that we planned to go to the zoo with my parents but it meant so much to her that we did both! So off we went to the museum to see these guys but we didn't get as close as we wanted. Luckily Claire was content with waving from a far since we couldn't wait in the MASSIVE line that had formed. We said our hellos, took a picture from behind the fence and then it was off to the zoo to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa for some sweaty fun!

Here is Eden loving the ball zone at the museum. It was a free day which was nice so we could check things out. It's a really great place and now I know we will need to go back soon!
Claire milking a cow - my Wisconsin family will love this picture!
Claire's picture with Bert and Ernie - she was a trooper!
Before leaving, we had to do some shopping at the pretend HEB store. Claire plays shopping almost everyday if not multiple times a day. I always check her out and say "beep" so checking herself out was a dream for her! Eden was helping =)
After meeting up and bathing in sunscreen, we had a great day at the zoo! The monkeys were our favorite! They were so lively!
Grandma packed a lunch - Here is Claire with a couple of her favorite men!
Grandma and Eden
They have an aviary with these Lory birds that just fly around. One landed on Neil's head and Eden just loved it!
Resting in front of the Elephants
The Africa phase 2 is finally open and really nice!
Love this one =)
Claire really loved getting so close to the hippo
Sharing ice cream - one of the girls favorite parts of the day! This is probably my favorite picture!
Can't leave the zoo without the classic picture of girls on lions!
Of course I have about 100 more pictures but I had to only choose a handful! I will be uploading all of them to Shutterfly and adding a link sometime. I know my aunts will appreciate some recent pictures uploaded on there!

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Anonymous said...

This was a great day for all of us and cherished memories caught in this wonderful it will be in years to come to reflect on the highlights of the children's days and growth...I just love reading about the fun and characteristics of my precious two grands!!! Love, Mom