Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day

The girls went to their first day of MDO today and they loved it! Claire asked all weekend when she was going and was so excited she couldn't get to sleep =) Here are the twinkies by the door - it's been pouring here today so no first day pics by the bushes:

That picture cracks me up because Eden's lunch bag is almost as big as she is! She insisted on carrying it herself!

Here is Claire's bag in her "cubby" outside her room.

Her teachers are Ms. Claudia and Ms. Charlette. She loves them both and ends up she knows a handful of kids in her class. She told me her favorite part of the day was snack because they had oreos - hmmmm.... not my first choice for snack for her but she loved it =) It'd be my favorite part of the day too! She told me about Mr. David's bible story and Music - she loves music!

Could she have smiled any bigger?! She closed her eyes in the first one so i said "Keep your eyes open!" - she's such a rule follower! She sits across from Sammy - her friend from neighborhood playgroup. SOOO glad he is in there and I get to see Kathy every week now!

Eden did well - I was super nervous about how it would go for her. As we walked into her room, a little guy was going ballistic right by the door. That didn't ease her at all but once we got in she went straight for the little play tumble things that she played on during meet the teacher. I put her stuff away, gave a quick kiss and left. As I was closing the door she gave me this look like "Where do you think you're going?" but she never cried. I stayed by the door to make sure =) When I picked her up Ms. Laura and Ms. Vicki said she did well and they might have gotten one little smile from her. Like I've said before, she's my observer! She loved snack and music, didn't eat a lot of lunch, didn't nap and gave me the biggest smile when she saw me. Overall she did well but hoping she might nap eventually. She was exhausted and napping right now!

Here is her little cubby with her name (Yes, I'm THAT parent taking pictures of names!)
Had to get another picture before we packed up to go home so I could get one of their outfits =) Their shirts say "Nuts About You" with a squirrel. Mr. David was trying to get them to smile!

Eden wasn't sure about Mr. David - this picture CRACKS me up! That's a look of question for sure!

So over all a great day! They will go Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 -2 p.m. I only taught one lesson at Stevenson today but talked to the other classes to recruit. I had some time so I got our car registration done and then came home to work on lesson stuff. Got three more students so my schedule is almost full =)


Aubrey said...

That picture of Eden with her lunch box reminds me of Claire's first year at MDO. I think she was holding the same lunch box and was about the same size. Such cute girls!

Anonymous said...

Oh what memories captured in pics and Words...you will be so blessed by this blog in years to come! My sweet little granddaughters are growing up and it is such a joy to see them blossom! I think that all of us remember one particular "first day" of school and being comfortable with the surroundings is a great start to learning...I remember when Neil went in at 5 a.m. to stand in line to get the girls registered for this particular MDO...I am so happy that it is in the neighborhood and convenient for you both...love to my sweet family, Mom