Monday, September 20, 2010

Homestudy COMPLETE!

(Don't miss the sponsorship opportunity in the post right before this one! We are looking for tax-deductible donations for our Half marathon on Oct. 23rd. We would love any support you could give! Details are all in the post)

It's official!! Just got an email from our home agency saying that AGCI approved everything and they are sending notarized copies of the home study TODAY!! I can hardly believe it! We started our first home visit back June 21st so it's been a long road to get it all together with revision and one addition after another.

Our dossier (which is the big paperwork process for our adoption agency) is just waiting for the home study and it will be sent as soon as we get it. Our agency looks at dossiers on Fridays so I'm hoping to get it there by this Friday. That means we might actually be on the wait list by next week some time... I really am in disbelief because paperwork has been our evenings for the past 5 months. Our next paperwork will be USCIS paperwork for immigration and fingerprinting but it's not as extensive - expensive yes but won't be time consuming to complete!

Please say a prayer that we get our home study tomorrow so we can get the dossier in by Friday! Thank you all who have been on this journey with us!


Tara said...

SO excited for you all!

Amy said...

So close to that wait list - whoohoo!!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!