Friday, September 10, 2010

Magic Time Machine

Last weekend my sweet childhood friend Heather came in from Austin to treat Claire to a magical evening! Me being the mother and friend, got to tag along! =) It all started with a big present waiting for Claire after she woke from her nap - that explains the major bed head! In the bag, a beautiful gown! Can you tell she was excited?

She had to put it on immediately to twirl and spin and notice all the detail. She especially likes the jewel in the middle, the long draped sleeves and special crown. I told her she looks like a queen!
Heather whisked us away to the Magic Time Machine - a restaurant in San Antonio that is decorated head to toe as a fairyland of characters - from movies, books, fariytales, etc. Every server is dressed up like a character. Our server was Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" and she had Claire convinced that the white rabbit was hoping around somewhere!
Here is Claire with her special magic potion drink =) It was a lemonade of whatever color you want that bubbles and smokes (dry ice) - Claire of course chose pink!
My princess and me - I can truly say there isn't anything much better than watching your baby discover and experience something new that she LOVES! She was just in awe of everything and taking it all in! Such a fun place for this age!
Claire with "Aunt" Heather - Thanks Heather for such a fun and memorable night! It's so special to have my girls have you in their lives!
Claire now wants to wear her dress for Halloween and be a princess - again!