Saturday, September 11, 2010


I looked back in my archives to see if I had written about my memory of 9/11 but I guess I didn't write it on here... I want to have it down so that my kids can read it as they learn about this infamous day...

I was a senior at LSU in Baton Rouge living in an apartment with Marie. That Tuesday morning, I had biology but decided to skip since it was an 8 a.m. class and our teacher was teaching straight from the lecture notes he had given us.
So I was sleeping in and the phone rang, it was a friend in S.A. who told me to turn on the T.V. - that was right when the first plane hit. As I was on the phone and talking with him, he told me of a car accident that he and Neil were in on the Friday before as they were driving to ACU for Eric's senior recital. They had rolled over in Neil's truck after Neil swerved to miss a few deer on a country road. The truck was totaled, Neil had gone into shock and rushed in an ambulance for the damage done to his arm. 3rd degree burns of road rash and 40 stitches. They were both blessed to be alive. I was an emotional wreck with the news that they had been through such a terrible wreck and the thought of losing them stirred up a lot.

Then, the second plane hit and they started reporting all that was happening. The emotional state I was in went up a few notches. We were all in shock - could this really be happening? What does this mean? As most, we were glued to the TV and radio. I later drove into school to get to my afternoon classes but most people were just looming in the halls talking about it all. I remember specifically that evening turning it off in disbelief and just simply saddened by seeing the destruction and loss.

9 years later we are still dealing with the turmoil of that day - thousands more lost - it's hard to imagine a day when we won't be in the midst of this "War on Terror". I think about the families and friends who lost loved ones that day - who have to hear all the media coverage every year. I pray they find healing. I pray that if they haven't already found peace and comfort through Christ, they come to know Him.

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