Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Official Haircut

Claire got her first official haircut today! It only took 2.5 years! She was incredible and listened to all the instructions of "look at me","look down", etc. I had her bangs trimmed late June but they were really starting to bother me with them hanging in her face and I'm getting her pictures taken sometime this week. The place I went to last time cut them crooked so I went to the place in Walmart called Smartstyles. I like it but it's definitely shorter. The lady suggested layering it a little so it would curl even more. We'll see how that works out... it's just hair anyway so it'll grow back!

She wanted to take a picture with her baby Madeline before we left so here are some before shots and after shots:

Claire was so good she got to ride the Mickey truck afterwards!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

It looks super cute! It is hard to get those precious locks cut but they really do look better when they are layered!

Jennifer said...

I love it! I had always wanted my babies to have curly hair, but no such luck! The layers are adorable!