Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Neil and I were blessed with a gift of AMAZING symphony tickets on Saturday at the Majestic! What a beautiful evening. They had a featured pianist for a piano concerto and she was simply amazing. We were as close as I've ever sat on orchestra left - her hands were a blur! It's rare that we get to be in the presence of such amazing music expression. What a joy it was to share it with my Neil.

We weren't supposed to take flash photography in the theater so this was the best I could do! The Majestic is stunning and my favorite performance venue (well, in the states!)
Me and my love

Every time I go to a performance, I realize how much I miss and crave experiencing music. I teach and sing but there just isn't anything like learning and performing Bach, Debussy, Barber, Whitacre - I know that I'm so blessed to be using the passion for music God has given me by teaching but I can't wait till I get to be part of a fabulous choral ensemble again.

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