Monday, February 21, 2011

First Haircut

My baby is growing up more and more every day! Back on the 11th Eden got her first haircut and boy does she look cute! It was getting a little hard to tame with all that curl and getting a little too tangled in the back. I was really nervous about how she would react but she was more than excited! She said "haircut?" for a few days before we actually got there. Nothing like pumping it up!

She sat as still as could be! Here she is anticipating the first cut - that smile is PRICELESS! She wasn't too sure about the water spraying her but didn't make a peep
Afterwards we looked at some Valentine's Day goodies and she got a treat!
The coolest thing was that she had the same lady give her haircut as Claire had when she had her first haircut! They even wore the same smock =) Not planned at all - just coincedence as we just take who we get when we can actually make a trip. Didn't even realize it until we came home and looked at the post from Claire's first haircut and Claire said "Look! It's the same lady!"


Tara said...

Precious! Oh my, her expression on the first picture is so adorable.

Anonymous said...


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