Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Girl

Eden is now officially potty training and I've been surprised at how self motivated she has been! She has completely taken the reins on this one but I think that's why it's working out so well.

Back on Wednesday Eden went on the potty for the very first time... for Poppa! He didn't even realize that he got this first moment until I told him later! He and Elaine were over watching the girls while Neil and I got SPOILED with amazing seats to the Spurs game (HUGE thanks to Rachel and Dan!) It was a great night for all of us. I was a little sad I missed her first time when I'm with her all the time but I've gotten her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. and it's been very exciting! She's getting the hang of it but I'm still letting her take the lead more than I did with Claire. If it's one thing I've learned in parenting, you have to be on your toes and ready to do things differently with your kiddos. They all have their personalities and learning styles and what a beautiful testimony to how God creates each and every one of us unique!

Two funny potty stories - I just can't resist! Eden does get a little motivation to potty by two chocolate chips =) SO now she says "Treat?" with the most adorable grin, scrunched up face and her shoulders to her chin. Of course I say she has to actually go to get the treat but then she says "Pee pee?" and I say "yes" and she says "Toot?" and just laughs because she's making a hilarious joke!! She thinks she should get a treat for a toot - SHE'S my little toot! I call her that all the time. Isn't that a lovely term of endearment?!

This potty story is one from Claire. The other day she was in the bathroom doing her business and yelled at me "I'm done" so I ask "did you wipe?" and she said "No that's a dirty job and I don't like dirty jobs" Guess she doesn't mind me doing them =) Don't worry, I didn't.

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