Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Potty Time

Well, it's about that time! Last week we finally pulled out the Elmo potty when Eden insisted we read the "Bye Bye Diaper" book several times. It was the first time she showed excitement when we talked about her going on the special Elmo potty. We let her pick where she wanted to potty for the first try and she choose the kitchen =) With Claire we had quite the method for potty training - straight to panties, being housebound, spot cleaner and M& M's - worked beautifully and we were trained in 3-4 days. Not sure what Eden will take to but I do know this, sister will be a huge help and encouragement! So how do you potty train a little sister? Have a big sister to show her the ropes!
Pull up a potty! What a polite sister =)
Can't get much better than this!
She eventually wanted to sit on it without her diaper on and read her book!
Claire took some shots and I loved this one =) So proud of my girl and can't wait to sing the pee-pee song!
Nothing has happened yet but she likes to go sit on the potty... by herself and now in the bathroom =) She's let Claire in with her (so Claire can give her comics) but when Neil or I try to go in there she says "Stop it" and puts her hand up. Oh this should be fun!


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