Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

(posted a couple things below if you're interested in baby showers and our adoption number!)
There's just nothing like holidays with kids - everything is that much more exciting and magical! Today was no exception! Claire anticipated today for weeks and was even wishing Rollo, our beloved cat, a Happy Valentine's Day... ALL day =) With heart pancakes, candy, stuffed animals, sonic slush, special quality time in the beautiful weather, a pizza date with mom and dad and a surprise date with friends - even a LONG trip to the dr. office couldn't bring us down! (Eden has pink eye but was checked out for an ear infection today - all clear!)

Happy Valentine's Day from my angels!
Claire Elise loving her new bear "Big" and lollipop from Dr. Gulde
Eden requested this pose by the tree - she's looking like such a big girl these days!
Our date to Rome's was so much fun! We randomly ran into some friends of ours that we haven't gotten together with in forever. What a treat to share our Valentine's with them! Here is Nico, Claire, Eden and Tino
Nico and Claire used to hang out a lot when they were little! They can't wait to get together again soon for a playdate =)
We also got to visit with Mimi, Poppa, Grandma and Grandpa today - how blessed we are to live so close!
Neil and I celebrated last week with a trip to the Rodeo - thanks to Kate and Tracy!! We saw Reba McIntyre and had a great time!! Neil was such a sweetie this weekend - roses, my favorite wine, a romantic comedy ("500 Days of Summer" HIGHLY recommended!) breakfast in bed on Sunday... he's so funny =) He thought Valentine's was on Sunday so we got to extend our celebration even more by watching our show together tonight. Things have changed since our first Valentine's but I LOVE it - love how we make it our own and enjoy each other just as much as we do everyday.


Tara said...

Eden does look grown up! Such sweet pictures.

Yeast Infection said...

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