Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day!!

I can't believe WE had a snow day on Friday (it's been since 1986)!! I was skeptical until I actually woke and saw it with my own eyes. Not much but enough to go out and play and of course, shut down the whole city!! No one wants people in San Antonio on the roads with ice and snow =) The girls, Neil and I had SO much fun crunching around, making snow balls and a tiny snowman with cheerio eyes, sledding on boogie boards, drinking hot cocoa - I haven't seen snow since I was 6 years old so I was just as excited about it as Claire!! Eden wasn't too sure at first but ended up having a great time! What a beautiful and blessed day we had together!

Eden's first snow!
My snow bunny!
My snow angel!
Just enough to write it down!

Look at this face!

One of my favorites!!

We walked the creek bed behind our house
What a sweetheart! There's just something about little kids in coats, hats and mittens that I LOVE! (especially mine!)

We had a wonderful time with the Romeros "sledding" down the neighbors driveway! Melanie helped Claire for her first time but after that, she was ready to go by herself!
Claire headed straight for us!

DD pulling Claire up the street!
Eden wasn't about to go "sledding" and just looked at us like we were crazy being out in the cold for that long! She's such a funny girl =) Daddy took her in long before Claire and I were done!
Can't wait for the next snow day!

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Anonymous said...

It is so much fun to play in the snow and do I have memories of my days in snow country; sledding down the barnhill, skating on the river and creek, making big forts in the giant snowbanks, wearing double pants under our snowpants, double mittens, turtle necks to cover our mouths when out so we didn't freeze out lips and nose, sliding on the patches of ice at school during recess and hours upon hours of snowball fights...sometimes pretty painful when they were more iceballs than snow but we survived... making snowmen w/ carrot noses and branches for arms and REAL coal for eyes and buttons (stored in our basement as heat source in stove). I am so glad you got to experience this fun with the girls!
Love, Mom