Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Look at these boots!
I LOVE kids in boots! Pants in, pants out - who cares!! Just give me my boots and let me play!!

Claire had a blast playing with Jude and Indigo on Monday. They are so good with one another and have the best time. It was a beautiful day so there was a lot of outside time before the big freeze and snow.
Eden and Evie had a good time too =) We got to have yummy cupcakes to celebrate Jude's birthday and guess who loved her chocolate frosting?
Yes - my child is crazy for the sweet stuff! But she sure is cute!

Look at this sweetie! Such a beauty

We had a great time and Rachel and I just gabbed away! By the time we got home Claire was worn out and didn't want anything to do with dinner. She was saying she was so tired and we eventually found she had a pretty high fever. Poor thing - hope we didn't get the other kiddos sick! (Ends up she had fever until Friday morning and was diagnosed with pneumonia when I took her in on Wed.)

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rachel said...

kathryn, i never saw these on your blog! how cool! you got some great photos! it was so fun to see you!