Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Walking weather

Although it's been chilly in the mornings, there have a been a couple of BEAUTIFUL afternoons! Claire LOVES going on a walk but even more now that we have a "new" stroller for both of the girls to ride together. She loves that she gets to watch Eden from her seat. She constantly talks to her and kisses her feet =) We found it at a garage sale when I just found out I was pregnant and it was a great deal! It's a little hard to put in the car but easy to push around. I'm still thinking about getting a sit n' stand stroller and selling this one but for now, it's working out just fine. Here are some pics from our walk sometime last week.

The stroller is a Graco so it works with our car seat for Eden!

Claire peeks through to keep an eye on baby sister! She insisted on putting all of Eden's toys on her car seat that day.
We got this sign from the company that gives the RSV vaccination - Synagis. She got the first dose in the hospital upon my request because it's used for babies 35 weeks and younger. We just found out that the insurance declined covering that rest of the doses because Eden was 35 weeks and 1 day - can you believe that? To pay for it on our own it would be $2600 every month till March or April! With that being said, I encourage everyone to constantly wash your hands!! It's the best way to prevent spreading things around! RSV is going around and it makes me so nervous!
Cheese Ball
Eden's wondering when I'm going to stop taking pictures of her - better get used to it girl!
Our view on our way back to the house. Claire asked why the sky was so pretty and I said it was because God made it that way so she exclaimed to the neighborhood "Thank you God for making the sky pretty!" I tried to get it on video but no such luck


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I wish we had blogs when K was a baby, I am sure I would remember a lot more fun stuff if I had an avenue to have written it all down. That did not come out grammatically correct but I am still sick with this cedar fever or whatever so forgive me! I will be staying away from Eden and all other babies for awhile, would not want to pass anything along to them. Insurance companies are totally out of hand, why do we pay so much for insurance and then have to beg for every little bit. You could probably argue with the insurance that there is no way to know for certain that Eden was 35 wks and 1 day, she could have been 34 weeks and 6 days for all you know.

Dixie said...

I think it is outrageous about the insurance company's bad attitude. I know it could be a headache but it might be worth the appeal. $2600 is just crazy.

She's beautiful, though. A little tiny angel