Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nursery completed

After a few final touches, we have finally completed Eden's nursery! We recently added the lamp, hung the quilt on the wall and thanks to my mom the rug and cute rose pillow. Thank you SO much to Lezlee for spending so much time on Eden's letters. They completed the room and they match her bedding perfectly!

Letters up close (click to see the amazing detail)

These two frames are on top of her bookcase! We're still filling it up because all of Claire's books are in her room. Any time I put books on Eden's shelf they get carted back to her room. Let's talk more about sharing huh?!


Aubrey said...

The nursery is so cute. I love that her diaper holder looks like a dress!!!

proud parents said...

Wow, the nursery looks great! Lezlee did a fantastic job on the letters!!