Monday, January 12, 2009

Eden's First Post

Well, since mommy is busy, I thought I would write the blog world about some of my favorite things! My most favorite thing right now is sleep. Mom says I get that one from her! I’m a really good sleeper but sometimes I just want to be held between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. You know, it’s one of my favorite times because Daddy gets the first nigh time shift with me =) It’s great daddy/daughter bonding time!

I love taking my bath! The warm water calms me down after being naked and cold. I just sit and relax while I get nice and clean. I really love it when my big sister helps! She talks so sweet to me and pours water on my tummy to keep me warm. I especially love it when mommy cleans my hair with a soft brush. I think mommy and daddy are funny because they always take pictures of me in my cute hooded towels – that must be their favorite part!

When I’m awake, I like to hang out in my swing and bouncy chair. It’s the perfect height for Claire to hang out with me too! I also like wearing my pretty bows so everyone knows I’m a girl =) People are so silly these days! It doesn’t matter if I’m dressed in pink head to toe, they still think I’m a boy!

One of my other favorite things is my straight jacket – I mean, my swaddle blanket! It keeps my arms close to my body so I don’t wake myself up! It also makes me feel nice a warm like being in mommy’s tummy.

After I eat, mommy likes to hang out and talk. I really like to see her when we’re talking so I just pull my head up nice and straight to look in her eyes. She makes funny faces at me, talks in a high voice and tells me "good job" when I do it!

This picture is of something I’m not too excited about but it calms me down every once in a while. The paci makes me scrunch up my face and turn my head. I will take it when I’m really hungry and am waiting for mommy to get ready and sometimes when I’m fussy in the car. I don’t think I’ll become attached though… I’d rather use my mouth for eating and making noise!

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Being a Star said...

I saw your comment on Jodi's blog and thought i would come see yours. My daughter would get mistaken for a boy as well...head to tow pink as well...she had no hair so it was impossible to put bows in her hair so i instead just put her in pink. anyway..that was a great story about your duaghter I hope mine thinks the same thing.