Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eden's 2 months old!

Can't believe Eden's already 2 months old today (9 weeks on Tuesday)! She's certainly starting to look a lot more like an infant instead of a newborn. It's amazing how fast they change the first year. We celebrated today with a fun trip to church and we'll be out at life group tonight. It's our first one to go to that we aren't hosting since Eden was born! I'm wondering how all the timing will go with eating and driving. We have our dr. appt. on Thursday and anxious to see how long she is and how much she weighs!

Here is our little angel at 2 months with her bear. She nicked her face pretty bad yesterday so that's the red spot on her sweet cheek. I included a 1 month pic too for comparison:

One month

2 months

Here are the things we want to remember about this month:

- Eden found her hands! They have definitely found her mouth and she is starting to grab onto things like hair and jewelry - ouch! Claire has gotten her hair pulled many times but has been a good sport about it =)

- Eden has found her first friend outside of the fam - Mr. Fan! She is mesmerized by it even if it's standing still. I think she's trying to figure it out.

- We've gotten glimpses of smiles while she is awake but hoping they get more consistent soon!

- Eden is getting so big! She is getting her baby rolls on her legs and arms just like her sister. I love my marshmallow babies!

- Eden is sleeping going 4-5 hours between feedings at night after she tanks up with every 2 hours late evening. She's still working on sleeping a long time so I'm getting at the most increments of 3 hours of sleep at a time. Looking forward to her sleeping more like 6 hours and going to sleep right away. She likes to be held a lot from about 8-11p.m.

Some of my favorite pics from this month!

Taken New Year's Day
Sleeping Beauty

"Uh...excuse me...I have a question..."

We get this look a lot!! She gets this furrowed brow like she's trying to figure everything out or she's already questioning everything we do!

Rare pic of her sleeping with her arms out of her swaddle - we're trying to figure what she likes best now that she's getting bigger
Comforting Eden -she's such a good big sis
Love this one! Look at the shoes - Pitter Patter - I LOVE baby shoes! They're so darn cute! This is the same outfit as the first pic so you can see she's really grown into it at the end of the month
This was yesterday - I love these pics even if I look exhausted and pleasantly plump (not really pleasantly!)


Aubrey said...

I can't believe how much she's grown! I am trying to take it easy. I canceled what I could to rest, and gave up attempting to clean the entire house this weekend. Andy has also been really good about helping out and taking care of me.

Eric Livingston said...

Sweet pictures! Looks like Claire is a great big sis!

Eric Livingston said...

hey i just looked at your blog links and you have a link to some pastor named Eric Livingston. That's funny.