Friday, January 23, 2009

How do sows do it?

I just put Claire down for a nap and read that a sow can have up to 27 piglets in one litter! Could you imagine? I just had an extremely tough morning and so it really hit me thinking "I only have two!" Yes, I know it's silly to compare what we do as moms to a pig but I just thought it amazing.

I really haven't been out and about with the girls by myself because the timing is so weird and hard to get down. By the time I get everyone ready to go after feeding Eden, I only have an hour and a half or so before she eats again. (And that's if she waits her 3 hours - sometimes it's 2.5 hours). Or when Claire gets up from a nap, I have to feed Eden shortly after... I'm learning all over again. This morning I went to run errands that I have to get done for tomorrow and realized why I don't go out much!! While leaving Hobby Lobby, Eden started crying pretty hard but fortunately stopped when the car started running. So I thought "Oh she'll be fine to go to Costco" - well, no! She had a melt down pretty much from when we got to Costco to when we pulled into the driveway. When I say cry, I mean scream - the tongue quiver, red faced, can't-catch-my-breath kind of crying that breaks your heart....Of course, Claire wasn't making things much better! She hasn't heard Eden cry like that so she was a little stressed too (probably because of me)!

Needless to say, I needed some blogging to be my stress relief. I know I have so much to do right now but this is so cathartic for me!

All that to say hats off to you mother sow! You amaze me!

Here are a few cute ones of my piglets:


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Sows don't make too many trips to Costco! LOL You may have to limit your errands to evening and weekend hours so that either Neil can go with you or stay home with the girls while you go. Let's face it, it is hard to nurse a baby on the go. They just do better in the quiet comfort of their own homes!

Before long you'll be back in your groove and zipping all over the place with your girls!

The cake for Eden's baby blessing was awesome. Lora makes the best tasting cakes and gorgeous too!

Aubrey said...

The girls look so cute!

I am so glad you are going through all of this first. That way you will be a pro by the time I have two kids and need advice. I hear it gets better.

Well, now that I'm sick, I don't want to come around the girls. I will call you when I get over this cold and we will set up a time for me to come over.