Friday, January 23, 2009

Eden's Baby Blessing

Wow! We were so overwhelmed by the baby blessing that they gave us at church for Eden on Wednesday night. It was our first time to church on Wed. with all four of us. Before Eden, I usually went but Neil and Claire were home because of our early bedtime. On the way to church (6:45 p.m.) Claire said she was sleepy and wanted to sleep in the car!! By the time we left (8:40 or so), Claire was telling us she was tired and ready to go and Eden was crying because she was hungry! A little bit of a stressful evening but we had a great time with our family at Northside. Here are some pics:

The cake was AMAZING! It was strawberry with cream cheese icing - thank you Lora Klinge!

Everyone was so generous with Eden's piggy bank. Thanks Tina for setting everything up for us!
The proud grandparents with the guest of honor
Not the best group shot but these have been rare for us! Claire's holding a potato she got from class time. She loved that thing!
The whole crew - I was bending down but still got in the way of Mimi - sorry about that!
Eden slept the whole time - anyone surprised? My mom got this adorable outfit for her! She looked so sweet and cozy. Thanks mom!
Did I mention that the cake was AMAZING? Not only to an almost 3 year old! Claire thought it was Eden's birthday because it was a party with cake. She's still learning!
Proud "Uncle" Eric and "Aunt" Erin - So glad Erin came by after work! You guys are awesome
Here is Eden awake after I fed her at home - I had to get another good pic of her outfit with her eyes open. Btw, I just LOVE baby shoes! They're the cutest!


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

What precious pictures! I love her oufit.

By the way--I never had a sling, but have a friend who loves hers. This is not the same type, since I got yours from a "home business," but thought it might help. I've even read you can nurse while she's in it?

Lauren said...

I was so sad to miss your blessing but Reef didn't nap that day. I'm even more bummed after seeing that cake! Her strawberry ones are my favorite! See you tomorrow.