Monday, January 12, 2009

Walvoord get together

This post is really late but last weekend we had our Walvoord Christmas with everyone! Our whole clan went to my parent's house after church to exchange gifts with Mike and Heather. Claire got a Dora Mermaid that swims in the water and a really cool Eric Carle chalk book! She enjoys both. Eden got a teether and a rattle that I know she will love -thanks Mike and Heather

After naptime and hours in the kitchen, we all sat down to dinner. Now... that doesn't sound like much but you must know that this rarely happens! We were ALL there - a minor miracle and such a blessing to have that time together. This happened for Thanksgiving this year too but before that, I don't remember that happening since Sept. 07!

That afternoon Mike held Eden for almost an hour and a half! He decided to try out my nursing pillow so lovingly called "My Breast Friend". Now all he needs is a nipple shield - oh, and breasts!

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