Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 month appt & sleep

Just put Claire down for a nap (not an easy task these days) and I'm holding poor Eden - she got 5 shots and 1 oral vaccine so needless to say, she doesn't want to be put down. Poor baby! She screamed so loud and it took awhile to comfort her. Claire took shots well but not this sensitive one! Breaks my heart to hear my babies cry from pain when they're looking at me.

Eden's growing strong! She's 10 lbs. even and 22 1/8 inches long. They couldn't print out the percentile chart for me but she's about 50% on length and I think about 40% on weight. Everything else checked out fine physically.

Dr. Gulde asked his usual wellness questions and asked if she was smiling which she really isn't smiling socially yet - a little reflex grimace here and there. He also asked if she was "talking" and she isn't doing that really either. Just her grunts and animal noises. He could tell that by saying no to these questions I was concerned but he was really sensitive and great encouraging us not to worry. He said you can't rush developmental things and to just continue interacting with her. I asked about it being b/c she is premature and he said yes because she is more at the stages of a 6 week old rather than a 9 week old. That made me feel better. He also said that kids start showing their personalities this early and she just might not be the socialite that we've already experienced. So we just need more time and patience! Even though I know we aren't supposed to compare, it's so hard!

On another note, I got a chunk of almost 5 hours of sleep last night! I feel like a brand new woman! Neil fed Eden her last meal before bed so I could get some more sleep and she did great. I actually got 7.5 hours total which is more than I've gotten in one night in 8 weeks. I'm praying it wasn't a fluke. I'm a much better mom when I'm well rested. Not there after one night but it's a start. Claire's really hoping it continues so I'm more patient with her too =)


Carrie said...

I really enjoyed visiting with you yesterday. Looks like Eden is right at the "magic weight" that my mother-in-law told me about and I didn't believe until I experienced it. I think she said 10 lbs is when the night sleep starts to get better and that's right where Eden is. We'll hope she's right! I'm so glad you got 5 hours last night! Don't you feel so refreshed? I know it's still not enough, but I can imagine your excitement! Take Care!

proud parents said...

I'm so glad you were able to get some sleep last night and Eden seems to be doing great. Don't worry about the developmental stuff. Ava was "behind" for awhile too and then she just took off. Hope your sleep continues!