Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parties here, Parties there!

Along with everything else we have had Eden's school program, Claire's class party and our 15th annual Christmas party!

Eden's class were the stars and they sang "Behold That Star" and boy were we proud! She was such a good girl doing the movements and singing as best as she could! I love this picture of her - it's a glimpse to me of what she will look like when she's older.

Here is the video of our little star!

Eden LOVES her teachers and can't wait to go to her red class! Here she is with Ms. Megan
And here she is with Ms. Myra. They are such a blessing to our family!
Eden and Mateo

Claire's class party was on the last day of school and I was able to go up and help out! They had a craft bell wreath, pin the nose on the snowman, a book exchange and a huge spread of yummy food!

We love Mrs. Lopez =)
Claire with some of her friends - Valeria, Maddie, Nina and Jasmine
Claire and her friend Connor ready for their book exchange
Most of her class!! Some were absent and some had already left
Then it was our 15th annual Christmas party that we host for our friends we grew up with and sang together in middle and high school. Can you believe it's been 15 years? The party has certainly evolved. We used to start late and go till the wee hours of the morning but now we start early and bring the kids (some of us still stay up way too late!!) Didn't get a picture of everyone but here are the ones I got!

Eric, Erin and Cora celebrating their first Christmas as a family of 3
Crystal and Julia
Kate, Jenny, Me, Beth n Lucy and Marie
The girls (Eden, Abbey, Lily and Claire) would come in every 15 minutes with a new fashion show! Lyla was there too but we didn't get a picture of her
Danny with Ali and Erin with Cora
Andy and Aubrey with Ali
Didn't get a picture of Tracy, James, Neil or J.J. but they were all there too! We missed those who couldn't be with us. It's so awesome to see that we are all still good friends even if we don't see each other all the time. We've started a playgroup this year which has helped some of us see each other more often and the kids to grow up knowing each other! We are so blessed with our long lasting friendships!

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