Sunday, December 18, 2011


The last weekend of November my mom and I took the girls to the Nutcraker at the Majestic - my most favorite theater. When we sat down and Claire looked up at the "sky" she said "I wanna work here when I get older!" It was so cute =) This is Claire's second time to see the ballet but Eden's first. I was a little nervous about how she would do but she was excellent - she did ask me questions throughout the first half and wanted to be down but we were in the "kids" section so it really wasn't bothersome.
Eden doesn't look too excited but she really did love being there!
Her favorite part was the mice and Rat King scene which is near the beginning so she asked me throughout the rest of the performance "Where the rat king?" Such a funny girl!
A few days later my mom found this amazing rat king music box to commemorate Eden's first time to the show. It sat right next to the nutcracker Claire got after her first time. Eden wants to play the music rat king all the time!
And she hasn't stopped talking about it since! She asks to watch it and has to put on her "pretty dress" so she can leap and run through the living room. It's so adorable but Claire doesn't find it amusing to have to always start it at 29 minutes in when the rat king and mice part starts!

I've found one of my old piano books I played from when I was a kid and it has about 10 excerpts from the Nutcracker. It gives me such joy to have my girls dance and sing when I play!!

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Sara said...

Oooooh, I love this. The Nutcracker is such an awesome Mommy-Daughter tradition. I danced in it a couple of years and can't wait to go see it with Emily. Your girls will love these memories.