Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fun!

In an attempt to get caught up I'm going to include all kinds of things in this Christmas fun post - crafts, caroling, baking, decorating... we have had a fun filled season! So here we go!

Kept things simple this year and only did the door!

We traditionally decorate the tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I just love decorating the tree and carefully unwrapping each ornament and remembering where we got it or who gave it to us. Every ornament has a meaning which makes it all that more special as we tell the girls all our stories =)

When I say these girls love to craft it doesn't even come close to explaining but these girls LOVE to craft in any way, shape or form! Here are a couple of these crafts we did (besides painting most every day):

Snowglobes thanks to pinterest! Just took a tiny figurine we found in our toy box, glued it in a baby food jar, added water and glitter and TA DA! Easy craft that they think is the coolest!

We also made salt dough ornaments, painted them, glittered them, sprayed them for preservation and gave them to family, friends and teachers!
Painting ornaments!
We also attached them to these super easy gifts we made for family thanks to my Aunt Barbara - cookies in a jar - just stack dry ingredients in a jar and they add the wet! The girls love measuring, pouring and taking turns. (we also made a TON of soda cracker toffee aka. Holiday Bark)
Play dough is also a favorite around here!
We also spent some time with friends - Here we are with Eric, Erin and Cora at a small beautiful wedding of some friends of ours from church - congrats Emily and Garrin!

Being a musician makes for a busy season of performances! We had two caroling adventures planned for our adult church group (one got cancelled because of weather). Here we are at the airport. What a great group!!

Our life group combined with a couple other young family groups to take the kids caroling at a nursing home. It was so sweet and I didn't get any pictures =( I had my studio recital and had 13 kids perform. It went so well!! We also had a lot of prep to get ready for our Christmas Eve service at church. I conducted a wonderful group that sang a beautiful arrangement of Coventry Carol and also took part as a caroler in the drama. It all went great! Now planning for Ladies retreat music and small group!

And I leave this post with one of the daily activities we do around here... building blocks!! The taller the better but the best part? Knocking it down!