Thursday, December 22, 2011

Staycation - La Cantera

This past weekend we were given an INCREDIBLE gift from a sweet couple at church - two nights at the La Cantera Westin Resort right here in town!! We love being tourists in our own city so this was the perfect staycation... one night alone (thanks to my parents) and one night with the kids. The girls were SO excited when we told them right before we took them back to the hotel to take part in all the fun kid's activities they have planned for the holidays. Our first night was divine... it's been a long time since we had an evening alone. We went to one of our favorites, Copeland's, for dinner, window shopped a little bit, went to the resort bar for a drink and some live music, sat by the fireplace with my favorite peppermint mocha - it truly was one of the best evenings we've spent together the past year or two!

The first stop with the kids was the snow blower aka.bubble blower! They just ran and ran through the bubbles with the other kids and had a blast!
Then it was off to decorate the gingerbread cookies and of course eat them!
Nothing like crafting for my girls! They each made a photo frame
Spending time by the fire place
Visiting Santa one last time - Eden wouldn't do it but Claire was all about it because she decided she was going to change what she wanted for Christmas. WHAT?! I already got squinkies and convinced her that a hoola hoop would be a great birthday gift =) She was ok with that
Our last stop was getting in our jammies and watching the Polar Express together on a projector in the Kids Club. We couldn't believe that they stayed up for the whole thing! It was all of ours first time to see it. They shortly looked like this around 10:15 p.m.

Thankfully they didn't get up until about 7:30 - woo hoo!! Sleeping in!! We got ready for church and walked around outside a little bit. Claire loved hanging out on the balcony!

The stay was magical... I know that sounds pretty dramatic but it was JUST what we needed. A little retreat and oasis away from the busy and stressful season (even though we had to get through my studio recital in the middle of it!) What a joy it was to make such a special memory with the girls! We were SO blessed to be given such a wonderful gift!

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