Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Our church puts together Breakfast with Santa every year and the kids just love it! Eden was so cute - up until the day before she was saying she would NOT sit on Santa's lap but as soon as we got there, she wanted to go right away. Nevermind the pancakes with candy and the craft (which boggled my mind!) - she had a one track mind so off we went. She sat with no problem but wouldn't look or talk to him! When asked what she wanted to pointed to me because she wanted me to tell him. It was really cute! We had a great time with friends, making the cutest hand print reindeer towel, sharing the memory with Grandma and
Eden's first time to sit on Santa's lap!
Eating with the Miller's

Claire and Leyna
Grandma with her girls
Maynard is such a sweetheart to all the kids at church =) The girls and we just love him!! We caught him on a break from an elders meeting!

The girls showing us their craft - what a great idea!

As much as I struggle with Santa it really is a lot of fun to see the kids get so excited to see him!

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Anonymous said...

It was fun wasn't it and I cherish the girls reactions as they have such nice friends and for all to share in children's fun is a special gift!