Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chili Cook-Off

Tonight was our annual chili cook-off at church. Our life group always does a booth and we have a great time getting creative and having fun with all our kids running around! In years past we've done The Addams Family, Wrestling, Sesame Street, Texas Chilly, The Smurfs - this year the theme was Favorite Book so we went with "Dr. Seuss". We were so excited and when we showed up, another life group did Dr. Seuss too so we had A LOT of "Things" running around =) We all had a great time! Neil did an amazing job with our backdrop for our booth! He's so talented and Dr. Seuss characters are one of his favorites to recreate =) All of them are eating chili one way or another! Emily knew someone who had a Cat in the Hat costume so Neil put it on and the kids from another group came flocking to him to read them a story! SOOO cute! Emily, Tivica and Marci My cat in the hat and two sweet "things" #6 and #8 The Lyons, Alcalas and Vu with Adam! The Torres Family The Nguyen Family Love And the whole group!! Everyone couldn't be there but we had a great turn out! Can't wait till next year!

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