Sunday, April 3, 2011

Go Philies!!

Oh T-ball season!! It's our first shot of having our Saturdays dictated by game time but so far so good! About 3 months ago Claire asked me if she could play and I wasn't too sure how she would like it but she really does! Even though she got hit in the ribs (pretty hard!) at the first practice and hit in the face at her first game (she did say she didn't want to play tball anymore but 3 minutes later was willingly back on the field). She's learning a lot and I'm glad she's getting experience being on a team. Here are a few photos from the first practice and first game. Don't miss the video =) She runs the bases for the first time with all her might and doesn't touch a single one - it's hilarious! Claire with her team hat and pink/black mitt and cleats =) She SO wanted to have pink as one of her team colors so I told her that when you mix red and whi, you get pink! Next best thing! Claire is a great batter! She hits it the very first try and has really good form! First team circle - one, two, three...Go Philies! Watch this video for a good smile!

Untitled from Kathryn Lewis on Vimeo.

Some of the things I want to remember about her first practice: - The kids had no clue how to run the bases =) SO cute!! Then when they got to home one of the kids called it "house" - I asked Claire the morning of practice "Claire, what if you get to practice and there are only 2 girls and all the rest boys?" "That's ok" and then I asked "What if there are only 2 boys and all the rest girls?" A HUGE gasp and big eyes "THAT'D BE PERFECT!" (there are 5 girls and 6 boys so pretty even) - She was so excited to see that her teacher's daughter, Victoria, is on her team and I was excited to see Ms. Claudia there! The first game they played a team that seemed a little older and experienced but they all had fun! Love this picture of her waiting for her turn to bat Oh how they love snack time after the game! So glad the grandparents could come and support Claire! Thank you! Claire and Victoria

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Tara said...

Adorable! Love the pic with the grandparents.