Friday, March 11, 2011

Heather's Baby Shower

A few weekends ago we had a wonderful time showering Heather and Mike and celebrating the upcoming arrival of my newest nephew!! This will be the first cousin on my side of the family and to say I'm excited doesn't even cover it! I can't WAIT to see this little guy's face and watch my big brother become a dad. He and Heather are going to be wonderful parents and will be so blessed by their sweet boy.

My mom, Neil's mom and Sheila (family friend) brought Claire up to Austin with them so I could meet them there as I was at our church's ladies retreat in New Braunfels. I'm so glad Claire could take part! She loved being there and it was her first baby shower. She can't WAIT for "Aunt" Erin's shower - I told her she could go to that one with me too when the time rolls around.

Heather's friends did a great job decorating with a bird theme along with pictures of Mike and Heather when they were little. This is my favorite one of Mike on his first plane ride!
Sheila, Elaine and mom
We all made scrapbook pages to create a big scrapbook for the baby! What a great idea! Would love to do this again =) Claire REALLY loved the idea and made about 3 or 4 pages. Here we are with Aunt Jenny!
Heather and her sister-in-law, Danielle, who came from Ohio.
Claire talking with Heather's mom who traveled in from Hilton Head. Claire was wondering where Bob was =) Claire is pretty much enamoured with Heather's dad, Bob!
Mom, Jan, Joyce (Heather's Aunt) and Alison (Heather's cousin)
Yes - you read it right! It's a Brestfriend and that it is! I LOVED this thing when I was nursing and just had to get it for Heather along with a few other things. I actually sewed her a cute blanket and burp cloth with my mom's help (Rachel, you'd be so proud of me!)
My mom made the most beautiful bedding for the baby's room. She used the minky in brown, green and white. She made Claire's bedding 5 years ago and how special it is to have her put so much love, time, talent and effort for her newest grandbaby and first grandson.
Heather and her diaper cake! Mom also put this diaper cake together along with baby toys!
I can't even describe how excited I am about our nephew's arrival! Can't wait to see his face, hold a new born, kiss his cheeks, hug Mike and Heather, smell his baby smell - oh it will be a happy day when he arrives! Claire constantly kisses Heather's tummy when we are together. The girls can't wait to meet their new cousin!

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