Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Catch Up

We've had so much going on around here with Spring Break and random fun =)I haven't been blogging a lot lately so thought this would be a great way to catch up!! Have Tball and Chili Cook Off that I want to post next!

SO this is what we've been up to...

- Celebrating my mom's birthday on March 8th - all my siblings were home and we all had a great time together! The pic of us with kids and spouses didn't turn out so here is mom and dad with their kids! - A Spring Break party with Claire's MDO class! Had a great time in the bouncy, eating hot dogs and getting to know moms and kids better! In this pic, Claire needed a little help getting to the slide =) Cameron, Claire, Samuel, Alexis and Layla
Claire, Alexis and Layla
- Being silly! She is her daddy's daughter and yes, those are panties on her head. I wasn't home when this was taken (but so glad it was!!)
- Helping around the house - Eden loves helping clean the dishes!
- Meeting up with friends!! Got to spend the afternoon with Kate and Kristi which was so wonderful - hanging out at Chick fil a and then shopping at Babies R Us! Can't wait to meet Kristi's little girl, Jaydee, in July. Can hardly believe we've been friends for 21 years!! (Neil got to spend the evening with his guys!)
- The big project over spring break was painting our front door red and changing the handle hardware. Neil did an AWESOME job and I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of him working =( Thanks to my dad who helped out a lot!
Here is the finished project!! The red looks good with the brick and green trim!
And here are the girls modeling with the door =) Couldn't resist!

- Celebrating Lily's birthday with cake, ice cream...
and a pinata!

Claire had a great swing =) love this picture of her and Neil!
- my sweet friend from college, Laura, sent our little boy one of his first presents!! I just about lost it when I opened up the box and saw these outfits and the cutest puzzle. Can't wait to have a little one to put these to good use!
- And here are my girls again sporting their special outfits from grandma!

We've had such wonderful days spending quality time together! Spring break always comes at just the right time and we get spoiled with Neil being home all week!

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