Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Claire!

Saturday, March 5th we celebrated Claire's 5th birthday. Can't believe how time flies! This year for Claire's party we went all girly with an everything hearts and love tea party! So much pink, purple and red to make you dizzy! Claire invited 7 of her closest girl friends from church and school. I know Claire had a great and memorable time celebrating with those she loves so much!
Claire helped me decorate the day before and loved setting everyone's personal place setting for the tea party. Each girl had their own special spot!
One of my favorite things to do is to make something special for the girl's birthdays to spruce up the place and make it into a party zone. I made Eden a banner like this for her big day in November and Claire loved the boa so I made her one too!
Fingernail painting was a must and a big hit!
Everyone getting their nails painted!
We had a great time coloring and making heart bookmarks!
Making bookmarks
One of the girl's favorite parts was decorating and eating their heart cookies. The more sprinkles, the better!
Eating their decorated cookies!
Claire with her heart cake!
Me with my big girl before blowing out her candles!
All four of us!
Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful gifts!
Claire especially loved her surprise knock on the door by daddy! She was so excited to have a big girl bike and all her friends took turns sitting on it =) She said "I knew it was going to be a bike." All week she was asking if she was getting a bike because all her friends had gotten bikes for their birthdays. She was still surprised even though she anticipated it!
Our big 5 year old! She looks especially old in this picture to me (sniff, sniff)
The grandparents with their girls - this picture has a special place in my heart. We haven't done it every year but we've gotten group shots with the grandparents at the birthday parties in most years past. I didn't grow up near my extended family and both my grandfather's passed before I was even born. So to have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins at my girl's birthday parties is extra special for me! I never want them to take it for granted because we are simply blessed to have them so close and in our lives!
Now onto Claire's actual birthday! She has been asking to go to Freddy's forever so we told her we'd take her for her birthday lunch after church. We had a blast!! Of course Claire's favorite part was the frozen custard - yummy - and my favorite part was taking silly pictures! Wish we would've gotten one with daddy but he was behind the camera this time!

Kisses for the birthday girl!
Neil and I laughed so hard we cried when we first saw this picture! What a ham! She gets this silly face from her daddy!
Silly sister

We love you Claire Bear! Happy 5th birthday! Hope you had a blast and remember it always!

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