Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Although we live in San Antonio, it's always fun to be a tourist every once in awhile =) We've never taken the girls on a riverboat ride downtown so last night we packed up and headed down before meeting out of town friends for dinner. They both had a great time and so did Neil and I! Neil hasn't gone since he was about Claire's age =)

Their favorite things to see were the ducks, other boats and the wedding we rode by happening on "Wedding Island".
This is my favorite picture! Such excitement and you can see a good bit of the fun of downtown =)
Riding the boat we got to pass a few really special places for Neil and I so I pointed them out to Claire as she sat on my lap! We rode past the County Line - the restaurant that we ate at on our wedding night (we married early in the day and had time to spend on the river that night!). We also rode past the Valencia - the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night and the Jim Cullum jazz bar/restaurant that Neil took me to on our official first date. I love sharing these memories with the girls!

After the boat rides we went to Casa Rio to meet Clinton and Andrea who were visiting from Houston. Clinton and I were very good friends in college and get to see each other periodically. We had a great time catching up and hearing all about their upcoming arrival in September! Couldn't be more excited for them!
Took this as we passed by one of the small, quaint churches downtown. Love the moon in the blue sky.
Then it was off to see Uncle Billy and check out his latest project! He moved into a place downtown that is surrounded by his friends dad's business. His dad has been so gracious to Billy by giving him this alley wall to create to his hearts desire!! So thankful he has this outlet and even more thankful it's a legal place to express himself! He's really talented!
What a great night of quality time together making memories here in town! I really love living in this wonderful city!

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