Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sickie and some Funnies!

Eden's been sick this past week so we've gotten some cuddle time while she stayed home from MDO both Tuesday and Thursday. Just started with cough, runny nose and then fever set in Tuesday. Her breathing sounded very labored to me so gave her a nebulizer treatment Tuesday night and took her to see Dr. Gulde Wed. She LOVES going to Dr. Gulde's office - the fish tank, stickers, the TV, the attention but she isn't always keen on the nurse or Gulde himself. She did great with him this time! So still and quiet. All in all she tested negative for RSV and flu but he didn't like what he heard before and after her in office nebulizer. He is treating for RSV and we'll go back Wed. for him to listen to her lungs again. She has been feeling fine since Friday but we've been diligent in our 4 treatments a day! Her is the little sickie with her turtle, blankie and crusty nose - I didn't ask her to smile - she did that one on her own!

And so now I must tell you two funny stories! One for Claire and one for Eden =)

Claire LOVES the movie Thumbalina and at the end she almost marries Mr. Mole which isn't her ideal match since she is in love with Cornelius. Just the idea of marrying a mole is supposed to be repulsive in the movie so jokingly Neil asked her the other night "Claire, would you marry the mole?" and as serious as could be she said "If I loved him" and that made this mama's heart smile!! Pray she continues to follow that heart and be true to herself!!

Moving on to Eden's story. I think she's a little confused - poor baby! She's been hearing about baby brother for a while now and she's also been around a lot of pregnant women and their bellies (I know A LOT of pregos right about now!) The other night we were sitting in her chair doing our bedtime story and she pats on my bre*st (yes, we use the correct terminology in this house) and says "Baby?" and I say "No honey" so she pats the other one and asks again "Baby?" and I tell her that mommy won't have baby brother in her body like she sees other mommies. It was so cute. She's done two more times since then. It's interesting to see her process all of this as well =) I wish she could understand it a little better but she will someday!


Lisa said...

It is so sad to see them not feeling well and you can't take the pain away. You are right though, the cuddle time is great! I hope she feels better soon. Your girls are adorable!

Aubrey said...

Praying for sweet Eden!

Thank you for using correct terminology when referring to body parts. I think it is so important to not make it a big deal by calling private parts something different. An arm is an arm, a leg is a leg, a breast is a breast and so on!

rachel said...