Friday, November 27, 2009

Spurs Game

On Nov. 23rd, Neil and I joined a big group of singers from our church to sing the National Anthem for a Spurs Game. We combined with a handful of singers from a group in Austin called One Voice. I ended up conducting which was a really neat experience and we had a great time! My parents came to see it and enjoy the game with us. Pretty cool feeling to have an entire arena be silent to listen and watch you in the spotlight. I had a number of people say "Hey, I saw you conduct at the Spurs game!" and later found out it was even on TV. The group sounded great especially for that being the first time every single singer was present! Looking forward to doing it again =)

Neil snapped this quick shot of David Robinson and Sean Elliott from behind the scenes. He was quickly told no cameras back there!

Me and a Chile Pepper - Neil couldn't resist

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