Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chili Cook-off

Well, I should be getting things done for Eden's party on Saturday but it's been a couple of long, tough days so I need to decompress! Eden's second tooth is taking forever and causing her a lot of discomfort. Well, at least when mommy's around. She's an angel for Stefany!

Anyway, we had our annual chili cook-off on Sunday. The theme was Texas so we our life group did a play on words and did Texas "Chilly". We had a melted snowman and wore hats, scarves, etc. with short sleeves, shorts. I did the letters on the background, Billy did the thermometer and Jayme got the funny headlines printed. There were so many that contributed and it came together really well. We had a great time except for Claire's nose dive into the industrial carpet. She got a terrible carpet burn and her eye swelled up pretty good.

Lezlee and Lily Kate - what a cute pic!
The guys - Jeremy, Neil, Vu and Josh
Jacin loving the chili
Marci and Emily
Josh and Kristin
Claire and Leyna eating chili - Claire actually mixed her cheese and chips in her chili. She usually has to have everything separate. Silly girl!
Jayme, me sportin the "Blossom" look and Kristin
The best group shot we could get and we were missing three families (Nguyen's, Gibbin's and Torres') Can't believe how much our group has grown! We've actually gotten a number of new members just the past couple of months. What a blessing our group is to our family! They've really become our second family and wonderful friends!

Till next year!


E.T.'s Mom said...

What a cute idea! I loved seeing all the pictures.

Clint, Amy and Kamryn said...

How fun! Wish we knew about it. Clint makes some mean chili!