Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Marathon

So we dressed up 6 times this year meaning we did a lot and were busy having a lot of fun! Here is our Halloween marathon:

First it was a fun Halloween Playgroup at Jenny's house. We had a great lunch, a group photo and painted pumpkins. Thanks Jenny for a great time and for sending along some pictures because I forgot my camera. Thanks also to Stef for sending me some of hers.

Here is our princess Sleeping Beauty who was borrowing Cinderella's crown! She wouldn't wear her costume without clothes underneath so we also wore our white tshirt. Gotta love the bag!
My princess and bunny - Eden was pulling Claire's hair so it's kind of a funny one =)
A group shot with 17 kiddos (we were missing Baby Riley) - Claire was being funny about the camera flashes by shielding her eyes like it was sunny. This was the best one I saw of her!
Eden was such a great sport and after the group shot she just sat there while everyone dispersed. When I finally went to get her she burst into tears and I got this pic quickly - I think she looks so cute!
Next it was the Fall Party at the Garden Center with Braun Station Playgroup! I'm trying to meet more moms in the area so Claire will know some classmates. Our neighborhood PG met at the Garden Center for cookie decorating (eating), coloring and story time. We LOVED the garden center and will go back for their other activities!
I didn't dress Eden up but she was sporting her sweet ballerina sweatshirt!

The cookie is done and that smile is priceless!

Sunday it was life group dress up!! The group was HUGE that night and we managed to get pics of most everyone. Eden wouldn't wear her ears and wasn't much in the mood for everything but Claire had a great time with her friend.

Eden with her friend Lily Kate - the cutest strawberry around!
Eden's bunny bottom =) She was watching football
All the babies - Adam, Lily Kate, Reese, Eden, Lachlan, Liam and Isaiah
Here is everyone! 17 in all and we were still missing some that evening! Our group has grown a ton the past two years.
Most of the big kids - we didn't get everyone but we tried! Leyna the banana, Jacy, Claire, Carly, Jonas, Ethan and the back of Shawn's head (we were missing Reef, Jayden and Silas)
Here was Claire the following Thursday at her school's fall fest. I worked the bean bag toss and Claire had a blast!
Coloring with her teacher Ms. Beverly
Bean Bag Toss
She loves getting her face painted
The following night, our church hosted truck or treat and our life group decorated two cars. They turned out super cute - Country theme and Luau theme. There was a great turn out for safe trick or treating and free food! (I forgot my camera so here are a couple pics of the cars from Casey)

Finally, Halloween was here!! The church down the road had an awesome fall fest and when I saw they were having pony rides I said "We'll be there!" Just Claire and I went and had a great time.... well.... Claire freaked out once it was our turn to ride but she calmed down right before we got off and even pet Pete's mane. I LOVED it! I could ride horses all day
They had a petting zoo too and some really cool animals - a cow, chicken, rabbit, goose, goat, etc. Claire loved the bunny
I'd never pet a duck and it was so cool! The guy had to catch him though because he was a little too fast for us.
Cotton Candy and watching the Native American dancing by the Boy Scouts
What? More sweets? This kid was wired =) She decorated her cupcake and enjoyed every last bite.
Whew!! I'm tired!!! I can't believe we did all of that and now it's time for trick or treating! Next year we will pick and choose and not do everything because it was a little overkill for mommy! Stay tuned for our first night out to traick or treat door to door.....

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Dixie said...

You gotta really, REALLY, like Halloween to do all that stuff! WOW. We did Trunk or Treat at church and then Trick or Treating in the neighborhood and that was enough for me! I'm already ready for the candy to be gone:) Will Claire start kinder in 2011? And do y'all have 17 kids in your LIFE group all the time? Holy Cow! How do you make that work? I'm really interested. Hope you have a great weekend. The pictures are great,as always.