Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally...Trick or Treat!

So after dressing up like Sleeping Beauty for a week and a half, Claire decided she was going to be Cinderella. Good thing we had a Cinderella costume in our dress up box! She wanted to be the same thing as sweet Abbey. These girls have been friends since birth and are so wonderful with each other. After we ate dinner and trick or treated with Neil's mom, Kate and Abbey came over to my parent's house for more trick or treat. Neil and his dad went to a football game so it was just the girls!

Eden actually wearing her ears
"Look Mimi! Let's go there!"
My bunny

Mimi with her baby girls (and Sydney)

Are they excited or what?!

Stopping for a group shot in front of my parent's neighbor's house. I watched their kids for years and years and now the oldest is in college!

My favorite! More posing in front of the Semones house

We finally got to the door....

Trick or treat!

Eden was such a good girl snacking on her bread and being passed around.

Group shot of all 6 of us looking at the camera! It's amazing!

Hanging out on Beaux's doggie bed and eating some good candy

Eden was in heaven digging through the candy bowl. She loved the crinkle sound of all the wrappers!

More candy digging in matching froggie PJ's! How cute are those? Thanks mom!

We had a great time over all but I got sick that night so I was in bed as soon as the girl's were tucked in (Neil got it the next night). It was a great first experience of door to door trick or treating and I know the girl's are already looking forward to next year!

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