Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eden's 1st Birthday Party!

Last Saturday we had Eden's Ladybug birthday party at home with family, pseudo aunts and Eden's sweet friend, Jed. I only posted a handful of pictures and if anyone wants to see the rest you can check them out at: We had a great time celebrating the big one and Eden couldn't have been in a better mood. She was such a doll smiling with everyone there to give her hugs. I also posted some videos of Eden loving her cupcake. She kind of nursed it but ended up eating almost the whole thing!
I made a banner with her monthly pics to show how much she's grown this year.


I love this picture - Eden with all four of her grandparents. So special!
Here are the videos. Each one is precious! Seriously - I watched them 4 or 5 times each and I see the kiddo everyday. Enjoy!

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