Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Year Old

Well, had to take the last round of monthly pics today with Mr. Bear after a big almost two hour nap (ends up you had a fever tonight so hopefully you'll be ok tomorrow). Here are some cute ones of her in her new outfit from Grandma:

The next few are my favorite!

Not sure what got her to make this face but it's kind of cute =) Claire was trying to comfort her. What a good sister!
She looks old in this one
SO what did we do to celebrate the big one?! All four of us went to a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Eden had her favorite - cantaloupe, bread and cheese! Claire was wonderful and the food was really good.
After a long nap for Eden and no nap for Claire, we dropped Claire off to play with "the girls" Maddie and Mikaela so we could have some time with Eden by herself. Thanks Dianna and Kay for helping us out!

We took Eden to La Cantera. Her Great Grandma Ann sent Eden a little mola so we decided GG was going to treat Eden to her first taste of ice cream! Thanks Grandma Ann! She loved it and maybe she'll have a sweet tooth like you (and her mommy!)

She wasn't too sure about the cold but warmed up to it fast enough to whine for more even before she was done with her bite!

I think she's convinced! Look at that face!
Daddy's girl
So this post has gotten long but here are some things I want to remember about this month.

- You moved up to size 4 diapers.

- You are pulling up on everything and cruising everywhere! You're even walking with only one adult hand to help you. I wouldn't be surprised if you take off next week.

- Your favorite foods are cantaloupe, cheese, yogurt, dried apples, bread, pumpkin, broccoli, cupcakes and ice cream =)

- You gave us about three nights of sleeping through the night this month. It was wonderful and we're hoping for more to come.

- You go CRAZY for cats and dogs! When you see them anywhere I think you're going to fly away with all that arm flapping you do! When you see Rollo, you act like you've never seen her before.

- You are babbling a lot but you aren't making a lot of consonant sounds. Mama is your token word =) You ARE a mama's girl!

- You are such a fast mover. You crawl like lightening and nothing stops you as you climb the stairs. It's hilarious - when you want to go extra fast, you put your head down and tuck your chin under. I guess you're more aerodynamic that way. What a smart girl!

- You get so excited you knock yourself over when mom or dad come home from work. It makes our day every time we see it!

- You love knocking over block buildings, all your toys with music, and balls.

- You are more strong willed than any child I have known at this age. You know what you want, when you want it and you're not afraid to let me know. Your shrill screaming is reserved for night time so no one believes me when you are so pleasant and easy going during the day =)

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Anonymous said...

Grandpa and I feel so much love for you dear Eden...your smile lights up the room! You and your sister make us so happy and we feel blessed to share in your lives. We especially had fun watching you enjoy your cupcake and I decided that you will like cake just like your grandma does! Your mommy did such an outstanding job creating your cake to look just like a BIG ladybug w/ lots of little babies for all your little friends to eat...I love the pics of your w/ Mr. Bear and see how much you've grown each are really intrigued with him this month. We love you Eden Noel and may God bless you and your family, Love and hugs, Grandma