Monday, June 1, 2009

6 month dr. appointment

We had Eden's appointment today so I wanted to post everything! First of all, she has a cold.... again....

She weighs 15 lbs. 13 oz. (about 45th %)
She is 25 1/4 inches (just above 25th %)
Her sweet head is 16 inches (about 7th %)

My sweet girl surprises me every time! She seems like she is so much bigger than that but I guess she looks bigger because she is short? She has her wonderful rolls just like sister but they aren't quite as big if you can believe that!

Got to tell Dr. Gulde we're sitting up, rolling over, eating rice cereal and oatmeal - it felt great to ramble off all these wonderful things =) The only thing he asked that I had to say no to is that she doesn't pass objects from one hand to another yet so we'll keep an eye out for her doing that the next few weeks.

I spoke to him about my concern of her not "talking" too much. She's actually done better the past couple days but usually it's right before she gets fussy or right before she falls asleep. He asked if she is responding to noise and she is so that's a good sign. He said time will tell and we'd have a better idea at her 9 month appointment. He said most are cooing independently at this age (without provoking) so we'll be listening for that too. Her sounds seem so throaty to me though - More of a vocal fry instead of melodic cooing. I'm probably just being overly concerned or anxious about it but he was glad I brought it up.

Other things he said:

-no sign of teeth in there which surprised me! She still seems to like her tylenol, oragel and teether!

-draw her window shades during nap time so she might get a better idea of getting the sleeping through the night thing. She still wakes up at least once and it's getting a little old.

-he is fine with her still using the swaddle as long as she is being active during the day while awake which she is! He doesn't see anything wrong with it but thought it interesting that she would still enjoy it at this age. If she does, why not use it if it works to pacify her?

-tummy time should be 4-6 hours a day! Yeah right?! We're already doing it more than I know most babies are. We will continue and add as much as we can but 4-6 hours to me sounds crazy and unrealistic

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Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Sounds like she is doing just fine! I noticed on the previous post that when Eden smiles she looks a lot like Claire. You really see the similarities (or at least I do), when she smiles.